Saturday, May 19, 2012

France's New Glamorous Cabinet

France's President Francois Hollande, declares his new cabinate .

For the first time in French history half of all the ministry jobs – 17 out of 34 – went
to women, pursuant to Hollande’s campaign promise to respect gender-parity in his government.

And though it was his predecessor Nicholas Sarkozy, who reportedly preferred favoring
slim and fit people, the new government is also comprised of glamorous political beauties.

Seven appointments went to people under 40. Among them, Green Party leader C├ęcile Duflot, 37, was named Housing Minister and Aurelie Filipetti, 38, newly-appointed Culture Minister.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bugatti 16 C Caliber

The Bugatti 16C Galibier Concept is a prototype of a luxury sedan which was presented officially in September by Bugatti Automobiles prior to the IAA 2009. A derivative of the concept vehicle was originally expected to reach the market in 2013,[1] but Bugatti has since pushed the car back to 2015 or later to complete the design.[2]

for more info. visit :

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Most famous Bond Girls

Greek actress Tonia Sotiropoulou is making news for being the latest Bond Girl in the next 007 movie, Skyfall.

famous bond girls 007

Tonia, French actress and model 

famous bond girls 007


Michelle Yeoh

famous bond girls 007


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Google celebrates Mother's day

It's the second Sunday of May and Google is wishing all the mothers with its characteristic doodle on Mother's Day. In the animated doodle on the Google home page the two Os in the Google logo turn into kids and give their mother - the second G - a purple flower.

Today's Google doodle:

For Animated doodle watch this video or visit (today only)

Google has been celebrating Mother's Day with its doodles for a number of years now and the Mother's Day doodle always has a flower in it.

Here we have some Google's Mothers Day doodles:

Mother's Day 2011

Mother's Day 2010 (U.S.A.)

Mother's Day 2010 (U.S.A.)

Mother's Day 2010 (Thailand)

Mother's Day 2010 ( UK and ireland )

Mother's Day 2009

Mother's Day 2008

Mother's Day 2007

Mother's Day 2006

Mother's Day 2005

Mother's Day 2004

Mother's Day 2002

Mother's Day 2001

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